2016 edition
  1. On Christmas eve we always celebrate just us.
    My mom, dad and sister
  2. Mom made a delicious diner
    Cornish game hens
  3. We opened all the gifts under the tree
    I got lots of clothes and other things I asked for
  4. My sister is awesome
    She gave me Lauren Graham's new book
  5. I also got a Gilmore girls sweatshirt
  6. I got the new Ghostbusters
  7. After gifts we watched Christmas Vacation and drank eggnog like we do every year
    Best Christmas movie ever!
  8. Christmas morning we got up and opened our stockings and Santa gifts
    A lot more great gifts
  9. Santa hides the pickle on the tree
    My sister finds it every year and this year was no different
  10. Even Sam got to open his gifts
  11. After gifts we are popovers that mom makes every Christmas morning
  12. We always spend Christmas dad at my mom's parents house.
  13. We start the celebration playing the dice game
    It gets very intense when it's time to steal or give the nasty gifts to others
  14. My sister ended up with the worst gift. Framed pictures of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump
    She said she can use the frames and burn the picture of Trump 😆
  15. Grandma made a great Christmas dinner
    Turkey and Ham
  16. A Christmas call to the Michigan family
  17. Time for the real gift exchange
    There were some nice/ normal gifts and some weird/ mean gifts
  18. The gift war with my uncle continued he gave me plunger with an attachment to carry it on my purse
  19. My sister and I gave him a basket full of things he hates and a potty putter
  20. My grandma bought my uncle a pair of onesies
  21. Someone gave everyone temporary tattoos (tramp stamps) and signed other people's names to them
  22. After gifts we ate pie and played heads up (Ellen's game)
  23. We went home and ended the day watching the original Christmas Carol