Hint: There's no way you won't find a dead body
  1. Early morning jogging (especially in the park)
  2. Garbage person (I'm pretty sure they discover corpses every week in NYC according to TV)
  3. Nanny/mom with a stroller who enjoys power walking in the park with other nannies/moms (besides joggers, they discover bodies almost every other episode)
  4. Construction worker (if there are concrete and man-sized pipes in the vicinity, there is sure to be a dead body nearby)
  5. Skinny dipping (because swimming, especially at night, apparently makes bodies float to the surface)
  6. Urban explorer (subway tunnels and abandoned buildings should be avoided at all costs)
  7. Ethnic food worker (taking out the trash in a creepy alley in Chinatown/Little Italy/wherever is guaranteed to result is you discovering a dumpster corpse)
  8. Late-night photographer (I don't even understand this one, but apparently setting up photos shoots in the evening means you stumble across a pretty dead girl?)
  9. Douchey boyfriend (that guy that keeps pushing his girlfriend to have sex with him/do something stupid gets rewarded with a surprise corpse)