I know it can be difficult to make time for this and it can leave you feelin pretty down after but here's why it's so important:
  1. It makes them happy
    Every time I call my grandma, she reacts as if it is the biggest/best surprise she could have (even though I call every other day at around the same time)
  2. Monitoring their health
    Talking to grandparents so regularly is a way to be more involved in their lives and aware of their health, even if you can't physically spend time with them very often. I can tell when my grandparents are having good & bad days based on their memory while we talk and the activities of their day they share with me. Everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from having someone able to identify their mental and physical health and even something as simple as a 10 minute call can be helpful.
  3. Bad talks can be good talks
    This is what I meant by sometimes feelin down after calling... Not every conversation is upbeat and positive. Sometimes my grandpa says the same thing over and over or has to ask who I am multiple times and it leaves me feeling sad and helpless. In these instances, it helps me to remember something my psychology professor told me: Studies have shown that even if a person can't remember you or the interaction, their mood is positively affected the same way and amount as those who can remember.
    Honestly, reason 1 should be enough. Go call your grandparents or parents or whatever elderly person you have in your life. They love it and you should, too.