1. Grace and Frankie
    I started and finished the first season this summer and have been looking forward to the second season since. Two 70something year old women who's husbands leave them for each other has no relationship to my life, yet I found myself completely wrapped up in their emotions. I laughed, cried, wished I could be their friend IRL, and rewatched the season a few days after I finished it.
  2. Weeds
    I started this series after binging oitnb3 and was shocked/disappointed more people weren't as into it as I was. I was expecting to find more people via Google who were as in love with the Botwins as I was but most of the reviews I found were negative.
  3. The Office
    ~not going to talk about how I'm somewhere near the end of the series for my 6th or so time~
  4. Being Mary Jane
    GABRIELLE UNION. What more do you need? I started this as a "I want a new Netflix show to have on in the background while i fall asleep." Jokes on me because I was hooked from the start and it turned into something that kept me awake rather than as white noise to fall asleep to. The pilot is a sort of like a movie and then there are 2 more seasons. It's a show about a career driven woman and the relationships she has with men and her family. ALERT: The third comes out this week. Eeks!
  5. Parenthood
    This is the show I was so in love with I told all of my friends to watch it (usually only to get an eye roll or unconvincing "yeah, okay" in return) but the few who eventually started watching it are the ones who just ~get~ where the love comes from. So real, so raw, so so wonderful.
  6. Twin Peaks
    NO spoilers, please! I'm almost done with the second and final season. It's a show that gets ya hooked and then gets real weird.
  7. Sopranos
    For all sopranos fans, please see @jackantonoff's list "most upsetting sopranos moments". You'll get it.