1. I enjoy being alone
    Especially in college, it seems there's this competitiveness to always be with others and be having the most fun and making sure there's pictures to post for others to see how much fun you're having and that's just never interested me. I like to spend time with others but I am equally satisfied being in my own company.
  2. I'm prone to uti's
    A horrible realization 5+ uti's later but at least at this point I know when one is starting and can get goin on an antibiotic right away.
  3. I always forget to shave my knees
    And this one spot on the back of my thighs. Whatevs ✌🏼️
  4. If I don't meditate at least every 2-3 days I feel off
    Meditation is magic. I truly believe everyone can benefit from it and it can take up as little or as much of your time as you want.
  5. Grief work is what I'm most passionate about
    It always sounds so morbid and strange to say I like the subject of death/dying/grief work but working at a grief center has been the most rewarding and significant experience I've had.