Best Video Games of All Time

In no particular order. I didn't realize I liked video games so much. Also, PacMan isn't on this list because it gave me anxiety.
  1. Bubble bobble
    Two girls in 5th grade spent the better half of their friendship in an unfinished Midwestern basement bubble bobble-ing. Her name was Lindsay, we haven't kept in touch.
  2. Donkey kong
    Another fond memory of an all girl gaming session. We actually beat this game entirely and then is was over. Interest tends to fizzle once you resort back to old levels to find secret cart paths and extra barrels.
  3. Paper boy
    I was so young and my brother was so much better at this than me. Maybe this is where my competitiveness kicked in? Probably not.
  4. All original Nintendo Mario bro games
    The GIANT levels!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The best.
  5. Mario kart
    First, this game gave me a little anxiety. Second, it was one of the only games that I could spend a substantial amount of time playing by myself.
  6. Tomb raider
    I didn't so much like playing this game but I enjoyed watching my bro. Also, Laura had a sick mansion with an obstacle course.
  7. Need for Speed
    For Christmas, my mom and dad bought me a plug-in steering wheel with a gas petal attachment. I was driving a real car!
  8. Grand theft auto
    Mostly I just drove taxis around and made mad money.
  9. Duke nukem
    We played this on our first family computer. It actually kind of scared me, but whatever; I wanted my computer time and I didn't have any documents to write at the ripe old age of 8.
  10. Crash bandicoot
    Because my parents always had to get me something when they got my brother something. I was a brat like that. I'm embarrassed.
  11. Sonic, I guess. SEGA wasn't really my thing.
    Yeah, I was a Nintendo and PlayStation kinda kid.
  12. That ancient tank game that I actually really enjoyed but can't remember the name.
    It was slow, had an aerial view and the tanks were barely even tanks. But it was simple and good.
  13. Theme Park
    Hours of my life wasted trying to save customers from being stuck behind roller coaster supports. Truly a sign of poor engineering on my part.
  14. BUG
  15. Torrin's Passage
    I almost forgot this game! I don't even know why I liked it so much. It was actually pretty messed up, the kid's family died at the beginning.