I went to a private catholic school. I feel guilty about a lot of things.
  1. Blaming the weather.
    "Oh shoot, it's raining. I guess I'll sit here on the couch instead of going for a run." "Drats, it's already 75 degrees out, it's basically a desert out there. Better not push myself too hard." Etc. I tried though, it's the weather's fault!
  2. Anything with cheese on it.
    I'm not gonna put any limits on this bullet point. If it has cheese on it, I'll eat it. Then I'll regret it. The cycle is endless.
  3. Pedicures
    I love nothing more (not true) than a good leg massage and foot rub. But unfortunately, that involves someone, an actual human, has to rub my feet. That makes me feel guilty but it also gives me pleasure.
  4. Pretty Little Liars
    I blame it on Gossip Girl. I had to fill the void somehow when they ended that series and PLL was all too willing. It's very rare that I have the energy to remember what day/time a show is on; it's this very reason I am guilty. They're all so pretty and there's so many lies! Help!
  5. My life
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    I am currently a traveling, sidekick girlfriend to my successful, professional skiing boyfriend. We are either traveling the world to the next ski event or sitting comfortably in our mountain home. I have an adorable dog who can fit under my seat on a flight. Sometimes, I feel insanely guilty for living this privileged life. Like most things though, it won't last forever.