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  1. Green Eyes
    Stray who ended up in our house. Named for her eyes by a bunch of stupid children.
  2. Stumbo
    Sister Jen's adopted shramp. Named after this Foetus song:
  3. Oscar
    Sister Elizabeth's little buddy and FOS (friend of Stumbo). He disappeared one day from her house and it was horrible, horrible, horrible.
  4. Mummenschanz
    Named because ...Ben. This dude hated me when I first came around and then made him get fixed. But he became my love and lived to be a wise old man. He loved tomatoes.
  5. Peepopowitz
    Named after Jason's fake ferret ancestor on #HomeMovies. My first dog and quite the handful, but a lover, who was the best baller in town. Devastated by his unexpected death when he was only 5. Miss him like crazy.
  6. Speedy
    Rescue whose name I didn't change. (Well, he's fast!) He moved in to keep Peeps company after Mum died, and Ben and I split up. He's the biggest sweetheart in town.
  7. Lulu
    Not named after Lulu Miller, who was named after a dog. Moved in to keep Speedy company after Peepo died. She is insane. Look at the way she sits.