1. What he said:
  2. "Who is this Twenty One Pilots? I've never heard of them."
  3. What I said:
  4. "Oh it's a band that I've been listening to for awhile. They have two or three songs on the radio. They're Christian-influenced, but not a 'Christian' band."
  5. What I could have said:
  6. "They've helped me through depressive thoughts."
  7. "They've comforted me in my doubt."
  8. "They've aided my fight to get the voices out of my head."
  9. "They help me get to sleep at night."
  10. "They say what I think."
  11. "They tell me I'm not alone."
  12. "They've made so much of a difference."
  13. "And they'll never even know."