A conversation between myself and a potential listener of this story.
  1. I love Twenty One Pilots
    Yes, Stephanie, we already frickin' know this. That's all you Li.st about.
  2. Okay, but the -reason- I love them is for their genuine and unique lyrics that specifically have appealed to me in my time of doubt, anxiety, and frustration.
    That's nice, but is there a point to this?
  3. Yes. I recently came across another artist with similar lyric style who also struggles with the ideas of being at the lowest point in life and the difficulty of trusting God.
    Oh neat. Who?
  4. Jon Bellion.
    Oh yeah! I think I've heard of him!
  5. My personal faves are "All Time Low," "Maybe IDK" and "Woke the F*ck Up"
    Okay, you're losing me again. Your point?
  6. So I'm going to a Twenty One Pilots concert in January- my first ever! And you'll never guess who they JUST released as the opening act.
    Wait.. is it...
  7. YES! JON BELLION 🙌🏻🙌🏻
    Okay, that's actually pretty cool.
  8. Right?! I think God knows the power of music in my life and I just really appreciate this small miracle. Because it actually feels quite big. 💜