Too many. I have all these great ideas and then it takes me forever to actually take the time to make it happen. 😒
  1. 19 Memories for 18 Years of Rachel
    Starring @brick_dreams and inspired by @hannah_rachel
  2. What My White Community Doesn't Understand
    I wrote this title back when the police shootings were happening. I was contemplating why people in my neighborhood don't at all understand the gravity of the situation.
  3. Who Wore It Better?
    You should look forward to this one. I'm gonna look like a fool, but it will be hilarious. That's all I will say.
  4. Favorite Things I've Made
    Exploring my plethora of DIY projects
  5. Live-Listing Casey's Grunts in an Episode of Chuck
    I might be the only one to find enjoyment in this. But to me, anyway, it will be legendary. 😂