I always think about this when I watch this show. I swear the producers have written these as well because there is SOOOO much foreshadowing.
  1. Bob: 67. Mushy father, husband and grandfather.
    I have a feeling Bob will grow more sensitive as he grows older. Sometimes he can be tough on the kids and his wife, but I think as that Italian head starts to turn gray, his heart will start to turn mushy. There are enough times in the show when he is a fabulous dad to prove this theory.
  2. Linda: 65. Best. Grandmother. Ever.
    She is similar to Bob in that she has many moments of brilliant motherhood. Thus, her craziness will make her an even better grandmother than it did a mother. Good for her. She deserves more babies to love.
  3. Tina: 35, married, at least 4 kids
    Okay, this is where pretty much all the Belcher grandbabies will come from. You don't have to be a literary professor to pick up on this foreshadowing. Tina has serious hormones raging in this stage of life, but when she matures just a little more, she will make a great wife to.. *drum roll*.. dancer and lactose-intolerant JOSH. (Sorry Jimmy Junior, you don't deserve her. Besides, Tosh is a much better couple name than Timmy.)
  4. Eugenia: 33, trans, single parent
    Gene sure does show signs of preference toward the female gender. He goes on weekly pedicure and shopping dates with his mom and talks about having a vagina. 🤔 Considering how much Gene loved trying to raise that flour baby, I think Eugenia will be a single mom of one, maybe two, kids. Because idk if she'll actually want/need a man. She strikes me more as the strong, independent type. 💁🏻Additionally, Eugenia has always showed musical talent, so she'll probably have some rad music studio job.
  5. Louise: 30, bad@$$ alpha female
    Clearly Louise don't "need" no man, but as Boyz 4 Now foreshadowed, she does have the capacity to crush on boys. So, I think she's gonna some guy that will let her be alpha-woman, bring-home-the-bacon, bad@$$ wife. Probably no kids though. They will get in the way of her career. Speaking of career, Louise is destined to take over the burger business. She'll probably see the company expand into the biggest success it's ever been. That's because she's always secretly loved the business.