Finding Your Soul Hat 👒🎩🎓👑

A shopping guide for the searching... With @miathurber
  1. For the rodeo-goers
  2. For the prayer cap wearers (who want to stand out)
  3. For the beach-goers and sun-bathers
  4. For the military buffs
  5. For the big bird costume at a costume party
  6. For the ones who like to wear their purse on their head
  7. For the train conductors
  8. For Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games
  9. For the 8 year olds
  10. For the 55 year olds
  11. For the confused
  12. For the Little League coaches
  13. For those invited to tea with the Queen
  14. For the knitters
  15. For the gangster try-hards
  16. For the Kentucky Derby goers
  17. Finally, for the Mad Hatters