A shopping guide for the searching... With @miathurber
  1. For the rodeo-goers
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  2. For the prayer cap wearers (who want to stand out)
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  3. For the beach-goers and sun-bathers
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  4. For the military buffs
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  5. For the big bird costume at a costume party
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  6. For the ones who like to wear their purse on their head
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  7. For the train conductors
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  8. For Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games
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  9. For the 8 year olds
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  10. For the 55 year olds
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  11. For the confused
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  12. For the Little League coaches
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  13. For those invited to tea with the Queen
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  14. For the knitters
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  15. For the gangster try-hards
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  16. For the Kentucky Derby goers
    Ef430848 7f43 40af b912 f7cf55209e77
  17. Finally, for the Mad Hatters
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