Have You Ever Been Tested for Idiocy?

Context: I was working on a group project- one where I felt like I was pulling all the weight. Two of my group mates are on the lacrosse team here, and the "lax bros" aren't exactly known for their intelligence. Context 2: There is a Bible study group on campus called "Koinonia" (koi•no•nee•uh) Context 3: Quinoa (keen•wa) is a thing
  1. Characters: Lax Bro 1, Lax Bro 2, Guy on Campus Who Can't Write or Spell or Produce Any Reasonable Kind of Writing, Girl Who Puts Exclamation Points After Every Text
  2. Setting: Library, the place Lax Bros 1 and 2 realize is "actually pretty cool" because of the reclining and outletted chairs... except "down there", the place with the actual books
  3. Lax Bro 1: (Suggesting new ideas for the dining hall as part of our project) "Ya know, they could have a healthy entree option at every meal. One with chicken and fish as the meat rather than fried food and burgers. And there could be -keenoah- and rice as sides. Because, ya know, both rice and -keenoah- are healthier than fries."
  4. Exclamation Point Girl: *looks at me with a very confused look*
  5. Me: *returns confused look*
  6. Lax Bro 1: *Continues to go on and on about -keenoah-*
  7. Exclamation Point Girl: You mean QUINOA?!
  8. Lax Bro 1: "Oh.... yeah, yeah that."
  9. Me, Exclamation Point Girl and Literarily Deficient Guy: *chuckle*
  10. Lax Bro 1: *Continues to talk about healthy eating option*
  11. Lax Bro 2: *Maintains a very perplexed facial expression for a solid 30 seconds*
  12. Exclamation Point Girl to Lax Bro 2: What? Are you okay?
  13. Lax Bro 2: ...Is that the (bible study) group on campus that keeps sending me emails???
  14. Me: