1. Ehh. I'm good. No need to study too hard.
  2. Holy crap. I only get 24 hours today?! Whose idea was this?! I need more time!!
  3. Oh my gosh. Someone is dying.
    Nope. It's just the midnight scream.
  4. C's get degrees
  5. But A's are for honors students 😭
  6. Wait. I've never tried taking an exam without studying. Today is the day... For research!
  7. I need sleep.
  8. I don't have time for fun things.
  9. My friends think I hate them.
  10. I need more sleep.
  11. This day feels 8268962 hours long
  12. This day feels 39 seconds long
  13. I hope I can catch up on all the inside jokes my friends are making
  14. Okay. Last study sesh... Wait, wait. No. That's a lie.
  15. Wow, the library and I are really getting serious in our relationship.
  16. This will soon be over.
  17. I will win this. Finals. You will NOT DESTROY ME.
  18. I'm dead.