I Have Anxiety, but I Am Not...

Sometimes I let my ego get the best of me. Sometimes I wonder why my stress is stressing me. Sometimes I lay awake and I cant go to sleep. Sometimes I need someone to take control of me. Sometimes I let my demons get ahold of me. Sometimes I think that sh*t aint what it used to be. This is my introduction to anxiety. -Hoodie Allen, Intro to Anxiety
  1. Openly falling apart
    I have high-functioning anxiety, so you wouldn't even know unless I told you. Which makes it unfortunately difficult for people to understand at times.
  2. Going to tell you everything that's going on
    Ive learned the art of introversion and internal processing. And that usually means I don't share a lot. Sorry.
  3. Grumpy
    I'm sorry. I get stressed out easily and mundane situations make me panic. And after dealing with that all day, I tend to get snippy with people. If I ever do this to you, I sincerely apologize.
  4. Being dramatic
    Since it's generally hard for me to share, you can be sure that when I am open, I'm not exaggerating. In fact, I'm probably undercutting it a little.
  5. Unable to function
    Everyone has their challenges. I and all others with anxiety are learning how to cope and live a full life. But it is hard sometimes.
  6. Antisocial
    It's all a brain game. And the introversion combined with anxiety is a lot of times too much for my brain. As the great Hoodie Allen wrote "Usually I see a party, overthink and keep on walking. Cause what if the friends I came with leave me with a bunch of strangers? Standing all alone, I won't have no one to play drinking games with."
  7. Lacking in ambition
    There's still a part of me that thinks I'm going to be famous one day. Basically the female version of Twenty One Pilots.
  8. Most importantly, I -have- anxiety, but I -am- not my anxiety.
    It's a challenge. But there are people with anxiety overcoming it every day.