Inspired by @stevecady Alternatively titled "A Letter to My Middle/High School Self"
  1. Don't let people step all over you
    Seriously. It's your choice to get the heck out of a friendship. Stop letting people half-a$$ friendships with you. Enough is enough.
  2. Those friends aren't real friends
    People who "are happy for you because nobody has called you annoying for a few days" don't count as friends. I wish you could see the friends you'll make later on. It's worth the wait. Just get through this stage.
    Between criticisms of after-school hugs and ridiculing how much we like to be together, those people actually suck. Tell them how you feel. Because you're right.
  4. Your sister is actually awesome
    You won't fully realize this until about your senior year when you have a stranger in your house for six months. But believe me. She's, like, the best female in your life. @brick_dreams
  5. You're actually awesome, too
    You figured out new ways to solve physics problems. You always get the best grades on the class research papers. Always. You graduated with more credits than anyone else in your class. You got the lead in the play 3 times. You're beautiful, talented, unique, funny, personable, and full of purpose. But I know you don't realize any of this yet. So just take my word for it.
  6. It. Gets. Better.
    I'm sorry for all those times you cried alone in your room. I'm sorry for all those times you thought you weren't enough. I'm sorry for all the times you realized you'd probably be dead without your boyfriend. I'm sorry for letting you hold on to all this insecurity. But it. gets. better.