1. 6:50-Sitting in our nosebleed seats, assessing how much we will actually be able to see, and wishing I was closer
  2. 6:51- Scared to death that I'm going to be way too emotional to handle this experience
  3. 6:59- Oh wow. Here we go. The concert is impressively starting early.
  4. 7:02- My heart (probably audibly) is breaking because I'm realizing I'm not even kinda going to be able to see Tyler or Josh
  5. 7:06- Okay I don't know any of these songs. Moving on.
  6. 7:26- Oh well at least I know the last one
  7. 7:30-Judah and the Lion have left the stage. They claim they'll be available until the hallway, so we go see them bc it's super close
  8. 7:44- Back in my seat. Lea's panicking that Jon won't be here. BUT HE HAS TO BE.
  9. 7:45- Someone is coming on stage. PLEASE BE JON. (Because I'm not emotionally prepared for tøp and bc I really hope Jon is here)
  11. 7:47:30- ITS JON. THERE HE IS.
  12. 7:49- WOW SO RELIEVED. Oh All Time Low is next! 😍
  13. 8:15- Oh, bye Jon! You were great!
    Lea wants to see if Judah and the Lion are still in the hallway.
  14. 8:20- They left. No selfie for us 🙁
  15. 8:30- I'm actually a huge fan of this slow, suspenseful, ominous filler playlist they have. It's helpful for meditating. Which is what I'm doing right now. Trying to prepare myself and wrap my head around this whole thing.
  16. 8:45- Wow, they are moving a ton of stuff on/off the stage. This may take awhile.
  17. 9:00- Oh my. Someone is going behind stage. Everyone is screaming. Someone help. I'm not ready for this.
  18. 9:05- Oh good lord there they are. But I'm so far away. Thank God for the screens. Look at those classy red suits. Wow I can't handle this. It's them.... it's really them. Trying not to cry.
  19. 9:08- I can't stop looking at him. I'm fixated. I can't even sing. It's him. It's Tyler freaking Joseph.
  20. 9:30 Costume change. Masks coming off. Tyler's got his classic floral kimono on and he's breaking out his baby guitar. Which means songs like Judge and House of Gold are up.
  21. 9:40- Wow, look at him. This is like his 63rd stop on a WORLD TOUR and yet he still seems dumbfounded by the crowds that gather to listen to his music. Wow. 🖤🖤🖤
  22. 10:00- THROWBACKS YES. And another costume change. Into their old skeleton hoodies. Love it.
  23. 10:05- Addict with a Pen. Wow. This hits too close to home for me. I'm trying not to cry again.
  24. 10:30- Cancer. Okay. This is a safe one. It's beautiful but I'm not emotionally attached to it.
  25. 10:40- Another costume change. This time into their "regular clothes." Tyler in black pants and a baggy white tank. Josh shirtless with red pants. More jams incoming.
  26. 10:45- So his cousin is apparently here. And Tyler invited him to crowd surf in a hamster ball... so that's happening.
  27. 10:55- I'm a Goner. Somebody catch my breath. Trying not to cry Pt. 3
  28. 11:07- Car Radio. Yet another hit-home song. Beautifully sung. What an experience.
  29. 11:11- This is the closest he's been to us all night. He's on a platform in the middle/back of the arena. Just standing there. With his face toward the sky. Taking it all in. Now he's looking around. And, for reasons I can't explain, when he looks at our section I almost start to cry again. This is the realest and closest he has ever been to me.
  30. 11:15- They're closing with Trees, which is apparently a tradition. But we're leaving halfway through. I feel like I'm jipping him (as if he would ever know). Oh well... goodbye my distant and unknowing friend and inspiration. I sincerely hope this is not the last time I see you in the flesh. 🖤
  31. 11:20- Time to drive 1 1/2 hours home...lots of thinking to do...
  32. 1:20- Just arrived home. Still can't decide how I feel. Objectively: what an eye-catching and beautiful concert. Those two have genuine talent that doesn't require any filters or gimmicks and their special effects only add to the experience. A+ 10/10
  33. 1:46- I've cried a few times since coming home. I'm inspired. I want to make music. But I'm discouraged because I'm not as good as either of them. I was entertained. But I dont listen to their music for entertainment. I listen to connect. And it's hard to connect with a million other people also singing along. Still trying to figure this one out.