My Favorite Jewelry

Photo background compliments of my dorm floor
  1. My fake opal statement necklace
    People always notice this one and opal is my birthstone. It's a bit of a confidence booster. 💁🏼
  2. This Coral Watch
    Given to me by my sister. ❤️ (also my fave color)
  3. This Antique Beauty
    Don't know how old it is or how much it's worth. But it's blue and pretty.
  4. Two words: Rose Gold
    Despite the wind chime noises that precede me all day, this one is a must. 😍
  5. Tribal Elephants
    Though the purchase of these earrings resulted from the loss of my former favorite elephant earrings, these were purchased by @miathurber out of sympathy. Thus landing them on this list. 👭
  6. Prom Bracelet
    I wore this flowered, pearl bracelet to prom and, a few months later, my friend wore the same one on her wedding day. ❤️ (Also, PEARLS 😍)
  7. Two More Words: Rose Gold
    I have an obsession with this color metal. And I owe it all to Charming Charlie.
  8. Finally, Belt Buckle, courtesy of my redneck boyfriend
    In case you're wondering, yes, I can and do rock this often. 💁🏼