My First Kiss

Inspired by @hannah_rachel
  1. I waited a long time.
  2. Seriously... A looong time. It was last week
  3. I'm 19
  4. But I'm convinced that's part of what made it so amazing
  5. I know for sure that my boyfriend and I are in love. The mushy gushy type AND the fiercely committed type. Like honeymoon phase and 30th anniversary phase at one time.
  6. ANYWAY, we had been thinking recently that we have been putting WAY too much emphasis on the kiss for our engagement (when we had first planned it) and not on the extremely amazing fact that it marks the beginning of our marriedness.
  7. So we thought long and hard. And prayed. A lot.
  8. Then, on January 2, 2016, my boyfriend and I shared a perfect kiss.
  9. We were sitting in his truck after a long day with his fam and me falling in love with him all over again.
  10. And we looked at each other.
  11. And the last thing I remember hearing was, "I guess I'm just gonna have to do this."
  12. And the next several seconds felt serene and magical and passionate and so right.
  13. The classical country music in the background filled the silence of our fixed stares afterward
  14. We both smiled. Then giggled. Then leaned back on our seats and sighed. Then kissed again.
  15. And again.
  16. And when we finally went inside, he told his roommate, and I caught a glimpse of their felicitous celebration (which involved simultaneous jumping and hugging 😆)
  17. It made my heart BEYOND happy, as if it wasn't happy enough.
  18. Then his roommate chauffeured us to Sheetz (lol) and played us Ed Sheeran's "Kiss Me" in the car in honor of the incredible day.
    Basically the best 3rd wheel ever.
  19. We shared one last goodnight kiss and I swear to you I fell asleep smiling.
  20. HEAR ME, ladies and gentlemen, IT PAYS to WAIT. 😘