I've been so afraid to write this. In fact, I'm only doing it now because I'm inspired by the recent twenty øne piløts concert and several conversations with my bf.
  1. I've been writing songs since before I could play a single instrument.
  2. I love finding drafts of Jesus songs I wrote as an elementary kid or love songs I wrote as a middle schooler or emo poetry/songs I wrote as a high school teen.
  3. I learned to play four simple chords on a keyboard in, like, 4th grade. And I figured out everything else about the piano on my own. When I did, my songs developed with actual accompaniments.
  4. Right now, I'm working on 5 separate songs that involve all three of these stages. And I have to say... they're pretty good.
    Is there an Emo Jesus Love genre?
  5. My life thus far is so influenced by these passions. Piano is one of the only things I can sit and do for hours on end without getting board, usually losing track of time.
  6. It's hard for me to admit it sometimes, but my love for music and songwriting far exceeds my love of PR (my current major).
  7. But, being the practical type A that I am, I've been pursuing PR like a good girl. I can make a career out of this. I'm good at this. This is good.
  8. But that's not enough.
  9. I'm not satisfied with that anymore.
  10. I'd be okay working in PR as my steady income-bearing occupation, but I must make room for music.
  11. So I've decided
  12. I'm starting to invest real time into songwriting.
  13. Because this is my dream:
  14. To write songs that are artistically pleasing, lyrically eloquent and poignantly honest.
  15. To write about the honest, sometimes dark, side of being a Christian. Because radio songs just aren't doing it for me any more.
  16. To have people hear my songs. But not just any people. People who need to hear that they're not alone and that they matter.
  17. To record at least one real album sometime in my life. I don't care if it goes no further than SoundCloud. If it's out there, then it's able to be heard.
  18. In short,
  19. I want to sing, I want to write, and I want to influence people.
  20. That's my genuine dream for my life.
  21. And it starts now.