Spoiler alert: This story starts and ends in the same place
  1. Birth: South-central PA
    I was born in the tiny town of Mercersburg, surrounded my beautiful (and sometimes stinky) farmlands. Though I loved the area, our family lived 20 minutes away from the nearest grocery store. But! We did live 10 minutes from a nationally recognized prep school... So that made Mercersburg cool.
  2. Expedition: West and Back
    For 4 weeks in the summer of 2011, my family piled into a 1994 RV and drove from our PA home, through some northern states like Wisconsin and Wyoming, all the way out to CA, through Texas, into some southeast states, and back. It. Was. Incredible. I would HIGHLY recommend getting to know you're own country just as much as you travel across the world.
  3. College: Mechanicsburg
    Though this small PA town much resembles the small community I grew up in, it's much closer to a city (Harrisburg) than I've ever been. Also, college rocks. 🤘🏻
  4. Moving time: Chambersburg, PA
    Remember how I said anything that matters was 20 minutes away from us in Mercerbsurg? Well, this is the town where everything that matters is in. 🙌🏻
  5. Now for the future plans...
  6. To Come: Newlywed Hollow
    In T-minus 2ish years, my long time boyfriend and I plan to marry right out of college and move into either a tiny house we can flip and sell or a cute apartment.
  7. Last Stop: Pig Farm Paradise
    This same long time boyfriend has dreams of flipping the dairy farm he grew up on into a huge pig farm. After about 2-3 years of living in that fixer-upper, we are going to move into that farm and become the 4th generation since the 1800s to live on that farm.