Inspired by @AliciaNF26
  1. Genesis Elizabeth
    Genesis- So beautiful and underused. Bonus: she is my first. Double bonus: Hannah has a child also named Genesis and they will be BFFs and also name twins. Elizabeth- after his late grandmother.
  2. Ezra Brooke
    Ezra- Until about middle school, I thought this was a woman's name, and so did Cyrus. So we decided it would make an excellent name for our second daughter. Brooke- I've always thought this was a beautiful name, and the commonness of it balances the uniqueness of Ezra.
  3. Moses Emmanuel
    Moses- Such a major player in the Bible, Moses deserves more young boys to be named after him. Emmanuel- Inspired by a coworker of his named Manuel.
  4. Samson ??
    Samson- This one developed because he wanted a son named Sam (after the Lord of the Rings character) and I thought that was too basic. Samson is much more unique. ????- Poor guy, this one still doesn't have a middle name.
  5. If we have any more than 4 kids...
    They'll have to have a Biblical name because WE CAN'T LEAVE JUST ONE OUT.