One Photo for Every Day in Spain 🇪🇸

  1. May 21
    No cool pics from this day of travel, so please enjoy this screenshot of our itinerary.
  2. May 22
    The beautiful seminary where we stayed in Barcelona
  3. May 23
    La Sagrada Familia. I'm still speechless.
  4. May 24
    Monserrat— an old momentary with views for days.
  5. May 25
    We visited the Picasso Museum and the Barcelona City Museum today, but there were no pics allowed at the Picasso, so this is my most aesthetic one of the day.
  6. May 26
    Roman ruins. This wall is thousands of years old, and, because I'm American, that is WAY cool.
  7. May 27
    Friends I made! And tapas!
  8. May 28
    Barcelona ➡️ Granada
  9. May 29
    View of Granada from the top of the Albaicín
  10. May 30
    La Alhambra
  11. May 31
  12. June 1
  13. June 2
    Historic Granada
  14. June 3
    La playa y flamenco
  15. June 4
    Free day in the gypsy quarters and a detour to this pretty church
  16. June 5
    We left our host fam from Granada today and traveled to Madrid
  17. June 6
    Royal Palace in Madrid
  18. June 7
    Prado Museum 😍 (no pics allowed in the museum for obvious reasons, so here is my meal from the museum café)
  19. June 8
  20. June 9
    Toledo- another breahtaking cathedral
  21. June 10
    Last free day— last gelato
  22. June 11