The best job I've ever had. Remember the potato rolls last year? 😅
  1. Short shifts
    It's great not to have 12 hour shifts... but also not as much dough 💸
  2. Tips
    Not many and not frequent, but it's still extra money
  3. Working by myself
    I feel like super barista running around doing everything by myself
  4. Free chocolate bar with every paycheck
  5. Coffee shop jams
    Their playlist is 23 hours long but every song is gold 🙌🏻
  6. Free drinks during my shift
    Mochas, lattes and cold brew, OH MY
  7. Great coworkers
    Like 80% of them are artists or musicians or bakery students or people that just love to create. I love it.
  8. 50% off employee discount
    I'm talking $7 specialty chocolate bars for $3.50. It's great cause it's cheaper, but also I just feel appreciated as an employee. 💛