I have a job offer and I want YOUR opinion (Insert Uncle Sam picture here)
  1. Let's start with PROS
  2. 1. $15/hour will help pay for college
  3. 2. $15/hour will help go toward future dreams (aka get married)
  4. 3. The company I would work for is the same company I want to work for in the future
  5. 4. I could meet cool people because its second shift and most second shift people are college students
  6. 5. I can SLEEP IN (see ya in the fall, 8 a.m.)
  7. Okay.. Now CONS
  8. 1. Second shift means working from 2:30 pm- 12:30 am and missing out on things like my church worship team and Tuesday night volleyball
  9. 2. Weird hours mean MUCH less time with my man... Which wouldn't be so bad except he is leaving for a college far, far away in August..
  10. 3. It's a 10 hour shift. On my feet.
  11. 4. I have to work Saturdays and holidays
    Lame. But that's overtime $$$$
  12. You can see my predicament.
  13. HELP