This happens approximately every other week.
  1. How expensive are apartments in Mechanicsburg?
    As low as $700/month
  2. Can we plan a wedding that quickly?
  3. Can we afford a ring?
    Yes, just not a very big one
  4. Would it be worth it when we could just wait another year?
    Yes yes yes yes
  5. What are some dates we could choose?
    August 19th or 26th
  6. Will I get enough financial aid to cover what my parents are paying right now?
    Probably but there's no way we could actually know because FAFSA sucks.
  7. Will we be poor?
    Yes, but we will be poor even if we wait another year.
  8. Can he find a job in Mechanicsburg?
    Probably. Manual labor jobs are really not that hard to find.
  9. Can we fix up his barn (the wedding venue) that quickly?