Sash Titles I've Spotted at the PA Farm Show Reception

This is supposed to be a fancy social event. To governor and PA Ag secretary are present... so naturally I can't focus on anything but these ridiculous sashes and their accompanying crowns.
  1. Rabbit King
  2. Outstanding Young American Patriot
  3. Lamb and Wool Queen
    Her sash is FURRY
  4. Mule Princess
    My boyfriend: "AKA Queen of Ass" 😂
  5. Grape Queen
  6. Grape Princess
  7. Fair Queen
    Okay this one's normal
  8. Pennsylvanian Grange Youth Ambassador
    What is this???
  9. Maple Sweetheart
  10. Maple Sweetheart Alternative
  11. Dairy Princess
  12. Alpaca Princess
  13. Junior Grange Prince
  14. PaSRBA Lady
  15. Honey Queen
  16. PaSRBA Duchess
  17. Honey Princess
  18. Update: PsRBA stands for Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association