1. I gained 15 pounds this year at college.
  2. Yes, I know, I lost to the Freshman Fifteen.
  3. It sucks, but it's true. And I'm too busy of a woman right now to stand on the scale and try to reverse the weight gain.
  4. Anyway, I was SUPER self conscious about the first swimsuit day of the season- Memorial Day.
  5. But I bravely sported my new blue swimsuit (with a red top and white shorts- nailed it, Memorial Day.)
  6. For the first time in months, my boyfriend saw me in a that swimsuit
  7. I doubt I looked any more confident than a zebra who just lost its stripes
  8. But he loved it.
  9. He was so stoked to see me and talked about how much he missed my body and how good I looked.
  10. And here I thought I ruined what he once loved.
  11. But I realized he loved me.
  12. And my body was part of me.
  13. And that's when I realized that what matters more is finding people who love the body I have. Not finding a body people will love.