We just moved to a new house and I have 0 dressers. At this point I'm happy to see my floor and not be sleeping on an air mattress. So there is a collage of items on my bed.
  1. My purple, cloud-like comforter from college
    It's an XL Twin size and shouldn't really be here
  2. This random quilt that's only decorative
    My mom thought it would match my room... My room is coral colored.
  3. My adorable hand-sewn pillow... That I made when I was like 7
  4. My boyfriend's flannel.
    This does not need to be here.
  5. My Psych pillow.
    This DOES need to be here. I'm such a big fan.
  6. Miscellaneous stuffed animals.
    I've got six and not a single one is named. 👎🏻
  7. This square pillow that doesn't match my room at all
    Also from college. Doesn't need to be here.
  8. A pillow my bf and I tie-dyed like 4 years ago.
    Notice the coral walls. Cute, right?