Things that Caused Me to Take a Personal Day Today

Alt Title: Things I worried about this weekend that caused me to have several panic attacks
  1. Summer plans
    Internship?? Job??? Internship AND job???? When will I see the bf????
  2. A new guy friend
    He's such a good listener, but is he trying to ruin my current relationship??? I hope to God he's not. What will my bf think??
  3. God
    Where you at bruh??????
  4. What I eat
    Does my bf notice when I eat more than him?? Am I going to gain weight because of my stress eating?? Why is stress eating causing me to stress????
  5. Church-searching
    Will the bf and I ever agree on a church to attend?? Have we ever -really- had a talk about doctrines that matter to us???
  6. The pastor's benediction
    He literally said "I'm afraid to say this, in case I am wrong, but I feel God telling me there is at least one person in the room who is worrying about the future and because of that is doubting God." Needless to say, I bawled that night.
  7. My own strength for the future
    Do I actually have the ability to make this song-writing into an actual thing?? Do I have the resources??? Am I willing to seek them out????
  8. Continuing on
    "Ya know... there is a way that I don't have to worry about any of this any more...." But that thought is fleeting... until it returns a few worries later.