Things That Give Me Goosebumps

  1. The cold.
  2. Pentatonix's version of Mary Did You Know
  3. Listening to old band music from my percussion years
    Not performed by us, but by professionals, so I can pretend we sounded like that.
  4. Super cute engagement videos
  5. At least a hundred people singing together. Priceless.
    #mennoniteschoolscounsil #MSC 🙌🏼
  6. Soldiers coming home to their families (especially wives/husbands)
  7. Ubi Caritas arranged by Ola Gjeilo
    (bonus: when its sung by my fellow veteran high school ensemble)
  8. Mentally reliving that time my volleyball won the MDCC Championships (for the first time in 16 years I might add)