1. Mini Golfing
    The fantastical courses and colorful balls really just make my day. Just today, I texted my boyfriend about how much I love mini golfing.
  2. Mac and Cheese
    My boyfriend and I have a system: he alerts me anytime someone serves mac and cheese so I never miss it... Because that would be devastating.
  3. Sweeping/dusting
    This is the kind of chore that shows immediate results you can be proud of. "That floor just went from 'YUCK' to 'Oooh shiny!' because of me!"
  4. When people cancel their plans with me
    I really do like people, but I cram way too much into my day and when something frees up, it's magical. Plus I'm an introvert so...
  5. @squad's group chat that sometimes makes my phone sound like its breathing because of the constant vibrations
    It's annoying and endearing all at the same time 💕💕💕