Inspired by @quixotic and @shanaz. Alternatively titled: things I asked for and didn't get at Christmas.
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    Spoiler alert: none of my presents barked, meowed or oinked so...
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    Coral Converse
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    Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray
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    Headphones splitter and adapter
    For my keyboard. For the sake of @hannah_rachel's sanity, I can't play the keyboard without headphones
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    Dunkin Donuts gift card
    For all the squad runs ☕️
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    Hair tie bracelet
    Update: I ordered this on Wish
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    Coffee maker
    @hannah_rachel being my roommate is close enough 😉
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    TØP poster
    Any and all of them.
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    Jesus Is by Judah Smith
    Love Judah Smith 🙌🏼
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    Walk in Love merch
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    Dog included ?
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    Twenty One Pilots tattoo hoodie
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    Restored violin
    My mom's from high school is still in decent condition. I want to restore it and add violin to my list of learned instruments 👌🏼