A Poem on Counseling Anxiety
  1. And you do.
  2. And that's what frightens me, what makes my heart flinch in the hours before bedtime.
  3. Lord, help me- I'm dreadfully invulnerable.
  4. Thoughts of sitting in a generic white room while you look at me fleeing from your questions
  5. That's what wakes me hours before my alarm.
  6. My friends tease that I crush on you.
  7. And I do- your thick beard, vacant earring hole, and surprisingly preppy fashion.
  8. But I don't crush on the way you don't let me get away with "I don't know."
  9. I have early-morning half-dreams of oversleeping our meeting.
    If only...
  10. Every Friday at 11:01 a.m. I appreciate the time we spent together,
  11. But next Friday at 9:59 a.m. I'll fear you once again.