Yikes I'm writing them down so they're real
  1. Exercise on the reg
    I tend to do this in spurts and then not at all for months. I feel so much better when I do and I have a free gym at work so what is my excuse exactly?
  2. Read more
    I do this in spurts too. I read The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and love her method for using reading to give yourself a classical education. Currently working through Don Quixote with this method.
  3. More TV-off time
    I don't do a ton of mindless TV watching, but I do watch a lot of shows. And I think in some ways a good TV show can be like a good book. But I also want to just hang out in my living room and listen to music, read, write, or talk with my husband.
  4. Take my vitamins
    This is related to #1. I take Melaleuca vitamins and I swear those things have magic in them. Without them I get home from work and am like 😴. With them, I'm like "Work! Exercise! Clean the house! Cook dinner! Take a stroll!" The difference is really noticeable.
  5. Stick to a cleaning schedule but also chill out about it some
    In the past month or so I've found a method that works pretty well for me and allows some flexibility for busy weeks or weekends. But I also need to just calm down and realize that even when my house isn't perfect, it's ok. (@gerryadair don't read this ok I'm still going to freak out sometimes)