Need to rant for a second
  1. I live in Memphis, but my teen years were spent just south of the TN/MS border in a suburb that's technically Mississippi, but functions as a suburb of Memphis.
    My parents, in-laws, some other friends/family still live there.
  2. Memphis has always had a bad reputation for crime, but lately people who live in the MS suburb where I grew up are being pretty dramatic about it.
  3. The MS area is predominantly white/conservative while Memphis is diverse/liberal.
    Obviously this is at the heart of the issue.
  4. Husband recently went to a concert in a venue maybe 5 minutes across the stateline where the band mentioned "loving Memphis", because that's where they thought they were.
    The crowd, who had paid to see this band and were likely fans, started booing and shouting that this was *not* Memphis (ok you can basically see it from the concert venue and no one has heard of "Southaven" but sure).
  5. He said it turned angry, venomous, and scary.
    And he couldn't wait to cross the line back into "crime-ridden" TN to feel safe.
  6. We were also talking to some acquaintances we ran into from high school who talked about how they tried their best never to cross into Memphis because it's so scary.
    🙄🙄🙄 I live here 100% of the time and am way more scared of angry white Mississippians tbh.
  7. I also overheard the following from the 2 guys behind me on a plane last week:
  8. Guy 1: So are you a Memphis native?
  9. Guy 2: No WAY. I'm from Mississippi. I would never claim to be from this godforsaken place. You?
  10. Guy 1: son got a job here and lives here now. So I was just here visiting him.
  11. Basically any time we mention living in Memphis, the conversation turns to how terrified everyone is to even drive through our city and then 90% of the time turns blatantly racist.
  12. And I'm tired of it. I love my city. I choose to be here. I could move if I wanted to, but this city has more soul and character and grit and determination than most places I've been. And the people are amazing.
  13. And I've also never been shot, mugged, robbed, etc.
    That's not to say that crime isn't a problem. It is, and Memphis is very poor and has so many issues and they break my heart. But no one's going to murder you while you're driving down the street minding your own business FFS.
  14. Also, I'd rather stay and make a difference and try to help than flee to the monotony of the burbs.
  15. Static
    So y'all stay down there and I'll live in this beautiful, hardworking, charitable, tough city and eat the bbq.
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