Only semi-serious anxieties
  1. What if my Secret Santa gift arrives but gets stolen (we have a slight package thief problem sometimes around the holidays) and I never list about it and my Secret Santa thinks I didn't like their gift?!
  2. I'm throwing a retro Christmas party on Saturday night and what if I can't find the right retro decorations or what if my jello mold breaks when I unmold it (I'm being authentically borderline disgusting with the menu) or what if my guests don't get along because they don't all know each other?!
    I'm the poster child for being wayyyy too much of a Pinterest perfectionist when it comes to throwing a party.
  3. One of my dogs has licked his own butt so much it's going bald and I'm worried about him!
    Poor baby has allergies that make him itch 😔 and we have medicine but still he licks