Dads on Pretty Little Liars, Ranked from Best to Truly Abysmal

This show hates dads like Disney hates moms
  1. Emily's dad
    A true hero. Literally the only decent father in the whole town. Loving and supportive, climbs a pipe to rescue Emily like the damn Spiderman, I still haven't come to terms with this loss.
  2. Spencer's dad
    Super pretentious, had that thing with Jessica D. on the side, not a great guy. Points for occasionally trying to be a decent dad and for landing Spencer's mom, Detective Olivia Benson. She's a boss lady.
  3. Aria's dad
    Cheats with that young girl who drugs Aria to be creepy, I always suspect he's up to some shit, then he never is which bores me. Points for being Rob Lowe's brother.
  4. Alison's dad
    Not very cool when sending away his son/daughter/niece/nephew/why has this show confused me so much about familial relationships? Does not seem very enlightened on mental health or transgender issues, totally disappears after getting drugged by Charlotte, good riddance.
  5. Hannah's dad
    Just a truly selfish and awful guy. Ditches her and then won't even pay for her to go to school to realize her dreams. GTFO, Hannah's dad.