You guys it's bitten me like 8 times INSIDE MY HOUSE and I'm really mad.
  1. Pulled apart limb from limb
  2. Kill it with fire 🔥
  3. Drowned in the toilet 🚽
  4. Eaten by my dog Carl
  5. Run over by a truck 🚛
  6. Hit with windshield wiper fluid and then swiftly wiped away
  7. Smashed with a flyswatter/shoe/rolled up newspaper
  8. Sucked into the fan
  9. Trapped in the freezer and frozen to death
  10. Poisoned with a secret mosquito poison concoction I put into my bloodstream
    Joke's on you, mosquito
  11. Stabbed with a butcher knife 🔪
  12. Tiny mosquito guillotine
  13. Tiny mosquito electric chair
  14. Rifle squad manned by other mosquitos
  15. Tarred and feathered
  16. Strangled with a single strand of hair
  17. Smothered with a pillow
  18. Remove its wings and as it walks away shoot it in the back with an arrow like Ramsay Bolton