Quite the motley crew I've assembled here. To qualify for this list we must have exchanged words, so the times I creeped on Sheryl Crow at the airport or Eli Manning all over Oxford don't count.
  1. Al Green
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    Was a regular at the restaurant where I worked in high school/college. Came in wearing purple suits looking SO FLY and drank a ton of margaritas and was super nice. Once signed my order pad "Stephani, let's stay together. -Al Green".
  2. Marc Gasol
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    At the Grizz Gala for St. Jude. I was scared to ask for a pic so my coworker did it and he could not have been nicer or taller
  3. Bill Gaither
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    Also came into the restaurant where I was working and I was all "How do you spell Gaither?" to put him on the wait list and then it clicked who he was. For anyone outside the Bible Belt this means nothing but people know this guy down here
  4. Greg Hardy
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    If you've never had to open your Chick Fil-a drive thru window before dawn and tell a menacing Greg Hardy that the person with the key got there late that morning so you don't have any chicken ready for his chicken biscuit, you don't know fear. This becomes more chilling the more he's in the news
  5. Willing to bet this is the first time Bill Gaither and Greg Hardy have been in a group together
  6. Ron Paul
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    It definitely wasn't awkward
  7. Not at all
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  8. All of Sister Hazel, a lot
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    We were buds
  9. If you don't remember Sister Hazel, here you go
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