We're doing a quick Seattle/Portland trip
  1. Powell's Books!!!!
  2. Evergreen trees everywhere
    Especially with snow still on the branches 😍
  3. The breathtaking view of Seattle at night
    Not my pic obviously, I was too busy gawking irl
  4. Good coffee is everywhere
  5. Voodoo Doughnuts
  6. The bathtub in my hotel room is super deep
    A really good deep bathtub, that's the dream
  7. Hotels, stores, restaurants are decorated with books
    Which I think is just the best thing because what's more appealing than a row of books?
  8. Everyone is SO. nice
    Everyone has gone out of their way to be friendly and helpful.
  9. Portland Saturday Market
    Bought a bunch of stuff
  10. The Portland sign
  11. The music playing everywhere I've been has been amazing
  12. The wifi password at one coffee shop was "kalechips"
    Just kind of a charming stereotypical move I think
  13. Pike Place Market with my love
  14. Although this is me being mad in front of a lovely waterfront view because my feet hurt
  15. Gryffindor tree!
  16. Flying out of SeaTac airport
    Ok this may be a weird addition but I am a super grumpy flyer. Having to stand in long lines to be somewhere on time is my nightmare because I am 1) impatient and 2) obsessed with being punctual. So normally flying the Monday before Christmas would be awful, but the TSA here was using bomb-sniffing dogs instead of making everyone take off their shoes and go through the naked scanners and it was the best! We FLEW through a long security line. All other airports, please take note.