1. List App
    Smart, witty people writing about smart, witty things. Very little of the foolishness that taints the rest of the Internet
  2. Master of None
    Aziz is brilliant. Only complaint is sometimes I'm still laughing for so long that I miss the next few lines. Also, Denise ❤️
  3. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
    Don't agree 100% on everything but I agree on a lot. And love her writing style and the way she thinks
  4. Facebook's Notify
    I love this concept
  5. Film noir
    Didn't know much about this genre before, got into it around Halloween and it is so fun and eerie and quirky
  6. Cooking with fall ingredients
    Apples, squashes, sweet potatoes ❤️❤️
  7. My job
    Had some turmoil lately deciding between 2 awesome positions at my company, which fundraises for one of the most beautiful causes on earth. Elected to stay where I am and can't believe how lucky I am to have options at a place that I absolutely love. November is one of our busiest months and I adore it
  8. Friendsgiving prep
    I am giddy thinking about Friendsgiving next week
  9. Sneaking a Christmas song listen here and there
    Trying to hold out...just a little bit longer...
  10. NYC
    I get in these moods where I can't think about anything else. This is now
  11. The New York Times
    Recently signed up for weekend home delivery and it rocks my socks
  12. My bed
    Upgraded to a king size and it is glorious
  13. Peppermint and lavender essential oils
    Sniffing them like an addict
  14. Cold weather
  15. Facebook's 'mark yourself safe' feature
    Did not know this existed until my phone alerted me that one of my coworkers who was visiting Paris during the attacks was safe. I love that Facebook is using their power for good in such a lovely way
  16. The Mediterranean Emeals plan
    I ❤️ Emeals. I ❤️ switching to this plan for a bit because the seasonal veggie suggestions have been great.