1. If this doesn't make you feel helpless in light of today's news then I don't even know.
    https://twitter.com/stl_manifest/status/825062084035502080 This Twitter account has me shivering today.
  2. Mostly the last week has just been so crazy, so full of lunacy, that I can't decide whether to laugh or cry.
  3. But turning away refugees doesn't make me laugh. Not a single bit.
    This is not what Jesus would do in the slightest and I can't even talk to anyone who disagrees right now if they also call themselves a Christian. It disgusts me.
  4. So I don't know. I've stepped up my donating, I'll call my senators but honestly they're a couple of idiots safe in their red state (at least my House representative is a badass!), so I feel helpless.
    And sad.
  5. Thanks for listening, li.st friends.