My unfiltered mid-game thoughts.
  1. Pre-game nausea
  2. Love those powder blues
  3. Touchdown! We're going to be fine!
    Atta boy Joe!
  4. Landsharks!
  5. Another TD!
    Why was I ever worried!
  6. Uh oh.
  7. Oh. Oh no.
  8. No no no.
  9. Yeah actually 3 run calls make a lot of sense in the red zone because we have such an unstoppable running game.
  11. We're doomed.
  12. The whole world is doomed.
  13. If I had a dime for every tackle we've missed I could pay for a new offensive line coach.
  14. I'm so glad I married this man who just brought me a tall whiskey drink.
  15. We are not good.
    Truth of this statement still tbd I guess.
  16. I wonder if @gerryadair will let our second-born child's middle name be Laquon (either gender).
    He's the only one still hustling.
  17. I'm never leaving my house again.
    And obviously I have to quit my job.
  18. Everyone on my social media who is my ally during Grizz games is currently my mortal enemy.
    And I hope they all trip over their shoelaces once this week.
  19. Could Tunsil have fixed this?
    Should I go vandalize the NCAA headquarters?
  20. Weird, there's traffic and drunk fans in front of my house.
    I always forget I live in the University District of a college town.
  21. That megaphone air guitar guy is pretty cool.
    But they're even winning the party.
  22. Always a Rebel.
    Because this is far from my first heartbreaking loss. (See: the Ed Orgeron and final 2 Houston Nutt years.)
  23. Blah blah good for my city.
    But I'd really prefer we accomplish this through an NBA championship instead.