Inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. My ringing desk phone 📞
    I was in my world and now you've interrupted it, unknown person, and I'll have to help you do something that could have been more easily accomplished via email.
  2. Spiders 🕷
    I can't even look at a picture of one in a book. THEY ARE AWFUL. And they bite me like, a lot. A lot. Even that emoji is terrible
  3. Team-building activities
    The pure terror
  4. Mississippi State winning the Egg Bowl
    Oh good, a full year of my friends being smug 😒
  5. My dogs, lost
    This was the worst feeling I ever experienced besides someone dying. Luckily they all made it home safely ❤️🐶
  6. Someone behind my shower curtain when I'm using the bathroom
    I always assume they're there
  7. Someone saying they hate my cooking
  8. My old AIM chat history on display for all to read
    I was weird
  9. Someone asking me what kind of music I like
    Ugh, I don't know? I like lots of music but my opinions on it aren't that strong. And clearly not as strong as yours or else you wouldn't have asked this question. So I'm already set up for failure here
  10. Tomatoes 🍅