I have 2 nephews (Taylor, 9 and Dugger, 4) and a niece (Amelia, 6). They're adorable
  1. My husband and I got to my in-laws' for Thanksgiving lunch
  2. The kids were eating at the kids' table outside when we walked up
    Because in the South of course it's 70 on Thanksgiving
  3. My husband said hello and tugged on Dugger's earlobe
    He's the uncle-est uncle there is
  4. Amelia: "That's so weird, we were just talking about ears."
  5. Husband: "You were talking about ears?"
  6. Amelia: "Yeah. Taylor was saying if my ears were bananas he would eat them."
  7. Kids are so fascinating
  8. Why aren't adult dinner table conversations like this
  9. I've thought about it all day