ISFJs in Fiction

These are all incredibly on brand for me
  1. Samwise Gamgee
    Quintessential ISFJ: Sacrificial, loyal, and protective of those he loves
  2. Samwell Tarly
    We can all agree this is the same character as above right?
  3. C3PO
    C3PO's tendency to worry about things that aren't in order is v me
  4. Emily Fields
    Wears her heart on her sleeve, as an ISFJ does
  5. April Kepner
    Sometimes the intensity of our feelings make us annoying
  6. Neville Longbottom
    But sometimes we're the most loyal friend you've got
  7. Glenn Rhee
    Ugh RIP
  8. Melanie Hamilton
    Loyalty to the extreme
  9. Matthew Cuthbert
    Sweet Matthew ♥️
  10. Rory Gilmore
    I relate to her so much she sometimes bugs me
  11. Dr. John Watson
    We make great sidekicks
  12. Meg March
    The sensible and nurturing March
  13. Lord Grantham
    Sometimes a twat but he tries to take care of his family
  14. Jerry Gergich
    The. Best.
  15. Phyllis Vance
  16. Lane Pryce
    This is what happens when a rule-following ISFJ breaks the rules 😬
  17. Debbie Gallagher