Small pleasures
  1. The quiet house on a Saturday morning before anyone else is awake with my coffee and a book
  2. When my dogs want to snuggle
  3. Getting in bed and having some time to watch TV before I fall asleep
  4. Fall or spring days where it's nice enough to read outside in my hammock
  5. Happy hour with coworkers
  6. An afternoon at my desk losing myself in an interesting project
  7. Mexican food on Friday nights with my parents at "their" restaurant (they're regulars; the waiter shows up with a pitcher of margaritas on the rocks when we sit down)
  8. Starting a new show that already has several seasons on Netflix
  9. Listening to Brandi Carlile, Avett Brothers, and Tallest Man on Earth in the fall
  10. Introducing new friends to the charms (and food) of my college town
  11. When I get home on a Friday afternoon and the housekeeper has been there
  12. Reminiscing with an old friend
  13. How much my sassy, witty, super-sharp grandma and husband tease each other
    This is the cutest thing to me
  14. When my brother comes to me for advice
  15. When it's raining or storming outside and I don't have any plans
  16. Cooking in a clean kitchen with a glass of wine and Sinatra playing
  17. When I don't have the energy to cook and my husband makes pizza appear