My Favorite Memphis Restaurants

From a lifelong Memphian. No order and I'll add to this as I think of or visit new places
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    Central BBQ 🐷
    BBQ nachos on the house chips
  2. •
    Deja Vu ⚜
    Delicious Cajun food and seriously the NICEST people. Every single person who works there is just a delight. Go to the one on Main. Po boy: half shrimp/half hot sausage.
  3. •
    "Flights" of 3 smaller portions of their dishes. Also flights of wine. 🍷🍷🍷
  4. •
    GUAC WITH BACON. Also that burger and the dranks 👌🏻
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    Cafe Keough
    The atmosphere is delicious. So are the croissants at breakfast and the soups at lunch.
  6. •
    Bayou Bar & Grill
    For brunch (Macmosa!) and/or football viewing. 🏈
  7. •
    Gus's Fried Chicken 🐔
  8. •
    Cafe Palladio
    Chicken salad sandwich, best coconut cake in existence
  9. •
    Pyro's 🔥
    A pizza for $8.30 with as many toppings as you like. I do: pesto, mozzarella, roasted chicken, bacon, roasted garlic, spinach.
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    Aldo's 🍕
    Vodka pie!
  11. •
    Sweet potato pancakes at Elvis's old stomping grounds.
  12. •
    Schnitzel y'all
  13. •
    Jerry's Sno Cones 🍧
    Make the drive and get a wedding cake supreme sno cone PLEASE
  14. •
    Restaurant Iris
    Had the most amazing meal of my life here. Get anything and everything, can't go wrong
  15. •
    Second Line
    Slightly more casual version of Restaurant Iris, same incredible food.
  16. •
    Coffee, a chocolate croissant, or their chicken biscuit
  17. •
    Young Avenue Deli
    Those fries 🍟
  18. •
    Fuel Food Truck
    Bison tacos or grilled cheese/bacon/egg
  19. •
    Bhan Thai
    All the apps, pad thai, spicy fried rice
  20. •
    Slider Inn 🍔🍔🍔
    Original Memphis and Chick-N-Fill-Ay
  21. •
    For lunch in the Pinch District. Their wild rice combos are good and omg that hot fudge pie...
  22. •
    Brooklyn Bridge 🌉
    The tiramisu!